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Saved by the Net

Gone are the days when the Internet was made only for military purposes and could only be accessed by the rich and the fortunate.  Gradually, it is becoming available for everyone. It appears that Internet is now used by diverse individuals for varying purposes.

The first chapter of The Cluetrain Manifesto, Internet Apocalypso, compared our Internet today to a marketplace in the olden days. True enough, a marketplace where trading takes place and, mostly, where relevant and trivial conversations happen can be really compared to what the Internet allows us to do. In the early centuries, it was usually in a marketplace where you would hear rhetorical pieces being delivered and exchanged, where you might encounter free yet vulgar individuals,  and where word of mouth travel very fast. Nowadays, people still love to do what they’ve been doing in marketplaces through the Internet. This only proves that though time passed and technology brought developments, the innate want of humans to communicate did not change.

However, it is ironic how and why organizations, or people governing organizations, would want to limit the knowledge gained and expressed by their subordinates, workers, and even consumers. I do agree that employees can still contribute a lot of information to the management and not just follow commands from the top. For example, a manufacturing firm that produces materials for the masses may be needing some suggestions from low ranking employees who actually belong to the target bracket. In addition, customers now are not merely consumers anymore but they are also analysts who also know what is good for them and not. Unfortunately, many companies still do not realize the importance of empowering their employees and listening to the customers’ feedback because of bureaucratic mentality and control-maniac management. But people are born to be discontented most of the time–thus they will definitely find a place where they can vent their unwelcome and unspoken thoughts and ideas and where they can get information concealed from them.

The Internet has opened a new window for information seekers and opinionated people. It is fast, for free, convenient, not governed by bureaucratic rules, and rarely hides a sizzling information. With just a click, you will be updated on the latest news in different areas. With just another click, you can post your comment and say whatever it is that you want others to know. Moreover, Internet has improved and added a new way for communication. Everyone can now talk to any person who is on the other side of the world.

“Communication is a powerful tool.” I believe that by widening the means for communication of people, Internet has nurtured the people  intellectually.  Providing a room for effective communication empowers humans while the lack of it destroys them. Communication, being a powerful tool, must not be suppressed. In the same way, Internet as a means for communication, must be of access to everyone. After all, it us up to us how we want to use and maximize the use of Internet.

Today, nobody can stop anyone from browsing the internet, consuming as much information as he or she wants, and saying whatever a person wants. Everyone now, regardless of age, economic status, and educational attainment, has equal access to available information in all World Wide Webs. Thanks to the Net!

On the other hand, organizations, as well as individuals, who refuse to accept this new trend will suffer for their own choice. They will, indeed, suffer until they realize that “the clock is now ticking in Internet time.”

First Chapter: Internet Apocalypso by Christopher Locke

Chapter One: Internet Apocalypso by Christopher Locke

  1. June 29, 2009 at 6:11 pm

    The internet is love. 🙂 Everything is on the internet. Participative collaboration is also a new trend that invests big amounts of information to an institution’s knowledge bank. I agree that effective communication is a clinching factor when it comes to online collaboration. Plain Talking is simply not enough. 😀


  2. barrycade
    June 29, 2009 at 6:34 pm

    indeed, no matter what innovations for comm technology surface, there will always be constants in communication–such as the need to communicate with one another, not at each other.

    i also agree that the Internet must be accessible to everyone. sadly, that isn’t a reality in the Philippines when many still do not have access to decent Internet connection; many don’t have computers to begin with. it’s still a long way to go for us here, but at least, we are taking small steps towards the new frontier.

    i wonder if your experiences so far mirror the same realities. it would have been nice to read your perspective on it, and how this evolution has impacted you and the way you make sense of the world.

  3. ace acosta
    June 30, 2009 at 12:08 pm

    very true nikki!its fast, convenient and actually can be really availble to anyone..it is just getting powerful!

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