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So what’s your favorite?

A big part of our life is all about our favorites. We have our own favorite color, dish, boutique, flavor, pet, movie, tv show, game, time, day of the week, cake, drink, bar, tshirt, dress, candy, shoes, chocolate, coffee, and others. On the other hand, I shall not talk about all of my favorites here. Instead, let me just mention two of them: one has led me into where I am now and the other has been making my life, as well as yours, entertaining, easier, yet information-rich.

Of all the subjects I had during my gradeschool and highschool years, English was the one enjoyed the most. I could have survived an 8-hour English class reading stories and books, and doing spelling and vocabulary drills than a 3-hour Mathematics or Science class. With that kind of interest in that subject, I decided to pursue a course that mainly focuses on the aspect I like most, or you can say my favorite, which is communication. This is why I am very happy and proud that I am taking a BA Organizational Communication, one that is close to my heart =).

In my course, we are currently having a subject on New Social Media. New Social Media includes podcasts, wikis, social networks, blogs, video blogs, and others. New social media is now among (if not the only one) my favorite means for getting information. I refer to new social media more ofthen than or equal to the television. I view and read new social media longer than newspapers, especially because I do not read newpapers at all! New social media offers an easy way for people to acquire the things they have to know. You will be very surprised at how much time an average person spends facing the computer and surfing the net in a day.  People now maximize the use of new social media–from getting entertained to choosing the best vacation destination, from finding long lost friends to comparing the latest cellular phone models, from reading the comments about a particular product instead of going over its actual manula to knowing what’s hot and what’s not in the business industry, and so on.

For the reason that new social media is consumed by majority to day, many industries have used these media for different purposes. For example, many organizations are now utilizing different forms of new social media to advertise. It is useless to promtoe products and services in print, television, and radio when your target market is not paying that much attention to traditional media anymore unlike before.

However, the emergence of new social media, together with the existence of traditional media, causes clutter and confusion to the customers. For instance, product commercials are everywhere in television, newspapers, billboards, and websites. Sometimes they are too many for the audience to take. In one of our activities in new social media class, I found it very difficult to recall the commercials I have seen and to match them to the exact brand they are advertising. Moreover, there are commercial scenes and dialogues that I remembered but was unable to recognize the brandnames. These happened maybe because those commercials do not really target me as an audience or maybe I was a potential buyer whom they failed to capture.

Am I saying that new social media is a better avenue for advertising than traditional media? NO. Although new social media is, obviously, a new one, it does not mean that it replaces the traditional media. There is no better media, only appropriate.

Repetition of commercials will only be a waste of money if the target audience is not reached properly by means and content. Key messages should be tailor fitted to the audience for a better aim. Know the audience first. Are they into traditional or new social media? What could best capture their attention? Perhaps, you should also know their possible list of favorites.

  1. June 29, 2009 at 6:04 pm

    Just like other things, appropriateness is a very crucial factor. It’s black and white–either you get it or not. New Social Media immersion is not just diving in a pool out of whim–it’s actually measuring the depth of it so you can be safe to swim. 😀

  2. barrycade
    June 29, 2009 at 6:28 pm

    “there’s no better media, only appropriate.” very well said. i can plagiarize this line, you know 😀

    your statements on OrCom might help a freshie or HS student looking for information on the course. we need more posts like it. it’s our way of helping a new generation of OrCom students make informed choices–so much like how social media can be to us.

  3. nerox
    July 6, 2009 at 5:06 am

    the recent post election violence in Iran is the best example. the government being questioned imposed a news blackout. concerned citizens were abled to leak news and videos to foreign media thru facebook, twitter and youtube which they called cyber revolution. internet has really changed the world. you don’t have to leave the comfort of your place to buy or sell anything. you can even find the exact location of a far away friend in any part of the world thru google maps. i’m 8,301 miles from home equivalent to 13,359 km or 7,213 nautical miles but i can communicate with my family thru VOIP. thanks to internet, i can beat homesickness.

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