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Collaboration is also a key to success

Last Saturday was a great day. First, my group’s presentation of pictures that illustrate the evolution of communication went well. People in class got the message directly and were not confused by the pictures. I think our group did well in combining, sharing, and exchanging ideas for this presentation. Nobody dictated, everyone had a say. All ideas were entertained (even the crazy ones that made us laugh inside the all-purpose library) that’s why the outcome was as good as the quality of our collaboration.




free hand

free hand


Second, my group won against Group 2 in the game facilitated by our professor. Each member held 3 to 5 letters which were needed to complete the answer to the professor’s question. We had to form the correct answer before the other group does. The hard part was for us to recall quickly the terms and concepts from the reading to answer the questions. The harder part was to actually form the answer given that we’re more or less 10 in our group holding different letters. For those reasons, we really had to work together—forming only a single answer out of the many words we had in mind, listening to and cooperating with each other so as not to prolong the formation of letters.

Questions in the activity were taken from the Chapters 1 and 2 of Wikinomics in which the roles, benefits, and effects of social media in the society and economics were discussed. Among the points discussed in the 2 chapters are the principles of Wikinomics: Openness, Sharing, Peering, and Acting Globally.

Today we are moving in a world being stirred by the Internet. Majority of the nations all around the globe have access to it. Internet has not only changed the way of communication and networking of people but it has also affected the process of businesses and the economics as whole.

The development of the Internet, being integrated not only to the social life of people but also with to the business industry, caused the thinking of people to change. People now want to share their beliefs, experiences, ideas, views, talents, and even favorite movies and songs with other individuals across different cultures through online means. Consumers are now becoming proconsumers who wish to know more about companies and to not just purchase products and services. The unstoppable globalization also pulls everyone to participate and act globally.

However, the transformation brought by the Internet does not only give positive results but negative ones as well. For example, sharing of songs, movies, and videos through download engines gets a lot from company profits. The demand for disclosing company and product information threatens patents and Intellectual Property Rights. The freedom of all to cocreate online causes clutter and contests the credibility and accuracy of what can be seen and read in the Internet.

So how can we best address both the negative and positive outcomes of the Internet? I think it is through moderation, control, and collaboration. We can definitely start from ourselves. We can moderate the videos, songs, and the like that we download online. Downloadable songs and films are supposedly for home viewing only, not for selling. In addition, since all of us can add to online contents, we should control our posts. Let’s refrain from posting irrelevant and incorrect information. Lastly, we should collaborate in improving the online information the good of all.

Wrapping up, if the Internet has brought both positive and negative effects to our society, last Saturday also brought good and bad things to me. After 2 successful collaboration with 2 different groups, I went home with a swollen and sprained ankle due to excessive jumping during the activity. I shall have my foot X-rayed tomorrow. I hope nobody will remember how I acted while having that activity. I totally forgot about moderating and controlling myself that time. See, without moderation, control, and collaboration, things can go wrong.


  1. jasper
    July 7, 2009 at 1:40 pm

    Well Nikki, your hope is gone because I can still vividly remember all the things you did during our quiz. Haha. But you’ve nothing to be ashamed of because we all behaved the same.
    You’re right in saying that mass collaboration is really helpful but without moderation it can turn to be chaotic just like what happened to us. I just don’t know how that can be moderated. It very difficult to do that I suppose, because if sir wasn’t able to moderate us, what more if there are millions of people collaborating?

  2. barrycade
    July 7, 2009 at 11:54 pm

    sorry to hear that you sprained your ankle 😦 i hope you’re fine now and is able to jump again. want another round of that crazy quiz with a twist? Hahaha! 😀

    and i’m glad you were able to relate the ‘essence’ of BIS model with the group experience of coming up with the photo essays. that was the unspoken objective, and perhaps only you were able to see that through. 🙂

  3. mostlynerdy
    July 11, 2009 at 12:15 pm

    Moderation, control, and collaboration–hey, these are totally good principles we can apply when organizing EKN and Mini-Seminar 1! :> Remind us well during our meetings, Teacher Nikki! 😀

  4. ace acosta
    July 12, 2009 at 8:22 pm

    wow nikki!congrats that you were the only one to see through the unspoken objective!haha!..good job!and yes I completely agree that internet thus give negative results as well, actually I see more of its negative result!haha!..

    congrats nikki!

  5. July 13, 2009 at 1:42 am

    Oh my, with the power of the internet, I am scared that “moderation” and “control” will not be in their truest sense!


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