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From Friendster to Facebook

friendster-facebookMany of us have totally switched to Facebook as our primary social networking site. We have somehow neglected Friendster accounts and open them once in two to four weeks or not as often (24/7) as we open Facebook .

The talk conducted by Paolo Pangan of Yehey!Philippines gave me some insights on this matter and made me think of other reasons why such a shift happened.

1. During Friendster times, one of our main goal (well, for most user, I think) was to get as much friends as possible without considering whether you really know the person or not. All we wanted was to show the world that we already have a second, third, fourth, fifth (and so on) accounts because previous accounts reached the limit for the number of friends.

But now, in Facebook, we treasure every contact we have and, more or less, we really know all the people in our list. We learned from Friendster that the number does not really matter—it’s quality over quantity.

2. Facebook tells us that we do not have to repost every picture of ourselves that our friends have. Just by tagging, we all have a copy of the pictures we want.

3. In Friendster, flooding the bulletin board is acceptable. But don’t we just hate flooding?

In Facebook, flooding the newsfeed is like humiliating yourself. There you are, discipline!

4. Friendster surveys and quizzes (from bulletin boards) make me type and answer for several minutessss. I have to open all of the others’ posts and pages to know if they have the same answers/results as mine.

Facebook surveys and quizzes make me click for my answers and get results in seconds. I can easily see the headshots of my friends with the same results as mine.

5. Facebook allows us to constantly update our status and keep track of our previous status.

In Friendster, where shall we put it? In shout outs? Shout out, once erased, is gone forever.

6. We can easily share and make our friends know that we have posted a new picture, video, comment, or even link through real-time updates seen at the lower right portion of Facebook.

7. Facebook lets you see your friends who are online and chat with them. Friendster do not.

8. Our Friendster inboxes receive and are flooded by spam messages and invites to try applications.

Our Facebook inboxes receive messages that are really meant personally for us.

friendster-vs-facebook9. I do not know why, but I agree with Sir Paolo Pangan, Facebook looks and is a sophisticated social networking site compared to others.

**Social networking sites constantly give us lessons on privacy. Internet presence may be a threat to everyone’s privacy but it is still up to the person to regulate the information publicized to all. Also, changes in our interests toward networking sites only prove that consumers’ preferences change too.

Do you agree with these? Feel free to comment and leave your insights and reasons about the topic.

  1. October 1, 2009 at 9:36 am

    Hi, thanks for visiting and commenting on my site.

    Yeah, I agree with you, Facebook does have all those great ‘quality apps’ compared to its now outdated rival Friendster. As to why many Filipinos now prefer Facebook over Friendster? It’s the nature of us human beings, summarized by this old cliche’ ‘Why stick with less when you can have so much more’. 🙂

    • Dominique Anne
      October 1, 2009 at 10:32 am

      Facebook is indeed offering us more than what Friendster is doing. I am wondering if another social network can outdo Facebook now. Oh well, that’s for us to know (soon?).

      Thanks for paying a visit too.

  2. October 1, 2009 at 3:09 pm

    ^^ hello. thank you for ur comments.

    it’s true wat u said too.
    however, not only filipinos do that, prefer facebook over friendster. many people are like that too.

    nice blog anyway.


    • Dominique Anne
      October 1, 2009 at 4:33 pm

      Hi, yumi! It only shows that not only Filipinos experienced this shift of interest in terms of social networking. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. iya bautista
    October 1, 2009 at 7:17 pm

    I’ve realized that these social networking sites have been categorized into jologs (friendster) and pa-sosyal (facebook). As for your comparisons, i totally agree. i don’t think i still have friends who update their friendster. They are all hooked up to facebook. It is like a 3-in-1 site where you can do multitasking; play, chat, comment, & tag.

    • Dominique Anne
      October 2, 2009 at 8:59 am

      You’re right, many still open their friendster account but do not update it, including myself! hehe! I think the jologs and sosyal part emerged because many of friendster users are already posers and people sending spam or creating a virus. I actually opened a particular person’s profile and friendster stopped me from opening it because it said it’s a virus.

      Facebook as sosyal can be proved by its layout and features. Or by facebook users? We cant be sure of that =)

  4. October 1, 2009 at 8:07 pm

    Hello Madamoiselle! Thanks for your visit to my site. I am truly gladdened by your presence there. 🙂

    As of now, I am experimenting with 3 social networking sites with respect to my blogging. Twitter gives me more traffic, followed by Facebook. I’ve just started with Friendster. I am still sticking up in Friendster because it is still one of the big social sites in the Philippines. Many people in the province are signing up in Friendster.

    As for blogging, I am thumbs up with Facebook. Hey, why don’t you join me in facebook?

    • Dominique Anne
      October 2, 2009 at 9:06 am

      That’s good–experimenting with 3 different networking sites. In that way, using them equally, you can actually weigh their differences.

      I agree with you,one reason why people can’t delete their friendster accounts even if they have already switched to facebook is that they have contacts that use only friendster. You have a point there, people in provinces still prefer friendster. Maybe after a while, they’ll switch to facebook too.

      I also love facebook for the ease in sharing videos, pictures, links, including blogs. I’ll be adding you in my list

      • October 2, 2009 at 3:13 pm

        yUP! Many of them are migrating to Facebook. The allure of Farmville is great. 🙂

      • October 2, 2009 at 3:14 pm

        Thanks for adding me in Facebook By the Way. 🙂

    • Dominique Anne
      October 2, 2009 at 3:40 pm

      Try playing Restaurant City. I am addicted to it. =)

      • January 27, 2011 at 2:19 pm

        hi! frened my name prashant wagh
        from malegoan dist:- nashik
        what about you

  5. October 2, 2009 at 3:57 pm

    i was thinking of posting the same subject…. all my friends are saying “they already forgot that they have a friendster account.haha! Me too.

    I think it is now the “Fall of Friendster”
    We are all migrating in Facebook because it has better features than Friendster. The development of Facebook is fast. Facebook has “twitter-like” features, “myspace-like” features, Messaging is fast and more effective. You don’t need to use YM. You could chat with friends at once. It has everything you could think of. (well, only in social networking demographic)


    • Dominique Anne
      October 3, 2009 at 6:17 pm

      It’s a good idea. post a blog with the same topic like this. I would love to comment on that blog and learn other ideas.

  6. Patrick
    October 2, 2009 at 5:29 pm

    People naturally opt for higher forms of things. In this regard, Friendster can no longer accommodate the new consciousness of people, and so people migrate to Facebook 🙂

    • Dominique Anne
      October 3, 2009 at 6:19 pm

      True! We have so many things learned in friendster that we now apply in facebook. Facebook is convenient to use and allows you to do more than just adding up friends.

  7. barrycade
    October 2, 2009 at 11:10 pm

    The difference between Friendster and Facebook shows us how applications can evolve into more useful, more convenient sites. The good thing about this is people–the users–drive that evolution and the moment one application no longer satisfies our social needs, we abandon it.

    I’ve been thinking of deleting my Friendster account for some time now. I realized I can keep it just to get in touch with people who have yet to discover the “joys” of Facebook. 🙂

    • Dominique Anne
      October 3, 2009 at 6:27 pm

      Social network users change fast while friendster evolved quite slow. I am opening my friendster just to check my inbox (which is annoyingly flooded by app invites and spam messages) and not because I really want to update it. Deleting my friendster account never crossed my mind because, like what you mentioned, some important friendster contacts still haven’t joined facebook.

  8. October 3, 2009 at 2:17 pm

    Friendster’s fall actually makes me sad. I have my facebook account and i have to update it constantly because that’s where most of my friends are. It makes me feel sad though that my fs buddies don’t visit their fs accounts. That’s where I started to learn blogging and making friends and im still visiting in regularly. Facebook is nice but it shouldn’t mean forgeting fs.

    • Dominique Anne
      October 3, 2009 at 6:42 pm

      Before I am not interested in joining facebook because i already have other accounts like friendster, multiply, and plurk (not mentioning my dormant accounts hehe). But, of course, my friends who joined facebook and the applications they are playing lured me. so i joined facebook, and i am happy i did.

      I am sad too that friendster turned out to be like that. Most of my true friends (because more than half of the people in my list are individuals I don’t know, shame? haha!) are not updating their accounts. Even bulletin posts are exactly the same ones posted 1-3days before. Friendster has lost or failed in engagement strategy. Aside from that, too many spam messages, virus-infected profile comments, and fake accounts are in friendster. Nobody likes that. Friendster has to address those problems first if it still wants to regain its reputation.

  9. Ace Acosta
    October 3, 2009 at 9:13 pm

    Facebook does give a lot of applications but it doesn’t bother you in choosing from the applications and yes nikki Facebook does have this sophisticated approach unlike Friendster which is more like the “jologs”..hehe!go nikki!

    • Dominique Anne
      October 4, 2009 at 8:36 am

      So play restaurant city with me, ace!! hahaha!

  10. October 3, 2009 at 11:31 pm

    Oh I just love Facebook! What Friendster missed is the “socialization” part. Most of us, in the Web 2.0 era, want more interaction! Friendster has very minimal socialization mechanisms relative to Friendster. 🙂

  11. Dominique Anne
    October 4, 2009 at 8:43 am

    You’re right,alps. facebook does more than just connecting people but it also allows individual to be constantly updated of others’ activities and other stuff.

  12. October 20, 2009 at 8:43 am

    Hmm… I read blogs on a similar topic, but i never visited your blog. I added it to favorites and i’ll be your constant reader.

    • Dominique Anne
      January 23, 2010 at 10:25 pm

      Thanks, crasty! I hope to hear from you again =)

  13. biswet
    October 22, 2009 at 2:36 pm

    i notice that facebook aps and the simplicity of the whole interface is what makes them success but if friendster improve their aps to and change the whole interface maybe friendster can back on track again.hehehehe!!!

  14. Trixie
    December 16, 2009 at 6:59 am

    Cool! I never realized these until I read your post. 🙂

    • Dominique Anne
      December 16, 2009 at 8:42 am

      I think these are the basic reasons why many chose to move to facebook and set aside friendster. But friendster has already changed, and I cannot tell yet if it’s successful.

  15. eLL
    December 26, 2009 at 6:37 pm

    to Dominique Anne:
    can i copy this post..?
    this post is so awesome!!!

    • Dominique Anne
      December 27, 2009 at 9:05 pm

      Sure, ell! thanks for the compliment. Just please don’t forget to link this page if you’ll repost this. =)

  16. Emi Nahc
    January 17, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    yup, i like facebook more than ever. Facebook made me addicted to it more than any social networking sites. i have been hooked up and then never been out of it any more.i really like facebook’s simplicity, and also the cute games which i realy liked the most.

    your blog is great! God bless

  17. April 2, 2010 at 2:24 pm

    Hi , would just like to inquire kung sino si Mr. Paolo Pangan?

    Sorry, just need help. We’re conducting a thesis right now related sa mga social networking sites d2 sa Phils. na “in” saten like yung facebook at friendster-yung commonly used…



    • Dominique Anne
      April 3, 2010 at 8:53 am

      Hello, Phoebe! I have no direct contact with Mr. Pangan. He was just invited to talk in our class last semester (2009). Have you tried searching for his name in google? He works for Yehey!Philippines.
      Also,try visiting alexa.com. It gives info on top sites in the Philippines.

  18. September 16, 2010 at 10:37 am

    I just started blogging a while ago and it feels great.

  19. November 29, 2010 at 1:06 pm

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  20. November 29, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    i like and i love wordpress!!!

  21. essien
    December 15, 2010 at 9:06 pm

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  22. February 4, 2011 at 7:50 pm

    I agree with your assessment between Friendster and FB. I think FB became part of Pinoy’s culture in 2009 when Friendster was flooded by spams (virus scanning applications/software). We are now the 4th growing FB users in the world and 5th place in terms of the number of memberships.

    • Dominique Anne
      April 21, 2011 at 12:52 am

      hi reymos! Yup, we, Filipinos, are really drawn to Facebook now especially those who live in Urban places like Manila. I also agree that Friendster is really flooded by spams and other applications. In connection with what you said about us ranking 4th and 5th place in certain categories, well it’s not surprising at all!

      thanks for reading!

  23. February 20, 2011 at 8:52 am

    Nice post..most people will surely love it. Keep on coming..Yes facebook still the best social network site.

    • Dominique Anne
      April 21, 2011 at 12:55 am

      thanks, PRO’s! Facebook is one of the best if not the best social networking site now. However, I am actually pondering on whether Facebook will be forever or another site will just overthrow it like how it did on other social networking sites. What do you think?

  24. ufhuszhb
    March 11, 2011 at 6:48 am

    Hay every one you thing face book good. i descary

  25. April 2, 2011 at 2:56 am

    the sites are a whole lot easer to get to know that face book is up and running it sometimes seems to feel a whole in my life some were keeping me attached to the ones i love theres are worlds beyond our existence. theres a lot that i would would love to back and do again,

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