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New Social Media Killed My Planner

December 31, 2009 7 comments

One of the activities in my 2009 planner

My 2009 planner/diary is full of schedules, details, upcoming activities, birthdays, things-to-do, important happenings of the day, and others from January until May. The rest of the months have days or weeks without any entry. And I think I know who the culprit is.

This blog serves as a tribute to my planner, This Journal Will Actually Change Your Life (2009). This is a great planner because it offers you countless trivia and activities that will actually change you if you will only let it. There are trivia about other countries, celebrations, behaviors, humans, animals, phenomena, and other stuff from the most serious ones to crazy ones. It has spaces for notes, lets you gauge your daily mood through a chart, helps you keep track of your monthly expenses, offers quarterly check up, suggests websites for you to visit, and reminds you to pay attention to the small things that you might have forgotten like cleaning your desks and cabinets or checking the batteries of your flashlights and emergency lights.

However, something made me neglect my planner when June started. I totally do not blame my studies since it never made me neglect other things or it seldom becomes my reason for neglecting something.

All I can blame for the “death” of my planner is the new social media, mostly Facebook. Facebook did not only kill my planner, it tried to replace it since I joined that network last June.

Here are some of the reasons:

  • Microblogging seems easier than writing on the planner/diary.
  • In new social media, what you post is almost always shared to others effortlessly.
  • I get invited in events through Facebook with all details included so I do not have to write it down.
  • Facebook reminds me of the birthdays of my friends, no flipping of pages needed.
  • Videos and pictures from special events are recorded or stored in social networking sites and other sites like YouTube. Printing and pasting them on the planner is optional (and hassle).
  • I can see others’ posts even without their permission through new social media. It is like reading others’ journals too.
  • My planner has all activities and stuff ready and set for me for the whole year while new social media constantly changes and adapts its activities to fit my varying interests.

Despite the death of my 2009 planner, I still bought a new planner for 2010! Hehe! It is Luxe Monologue. It has a corporate look unlike my previous planner. No trivia, no fancy drawings, no extra activities. I just hope that my planner for 2010 will not bore me even if it has no drawing at all! This time, I will try my best not to let anything kill it. I shall not neglect it. Besides, I cannot access the Internet 24/7 while I can bring my planner anywhere and anytime as long as I have my pen.

Goodbye 2009 and to my planner! Hello 2010 and to my new planner!

Happy New Year! May we all have a great year ahead!


Technology alone is not the answer…but at least, I am already registered!

November 1, 2009 5 comments

a not-so-good photo of my hand with that meaningful thumbmark!

Second to the last day of registration for 2010 elections, Oct30 (Friday), I decided to go back to the nearest COMELEC office to my house (near SM Manila) and have myself registered no matter what. I am blogging about this so that I have something to look back to after years.

If you are thinking that I am about to whine about my experience that day, well you are right! hehe! I am aware beforehand that going through that line is definitely not easy. I admit that I am envious of my friends (Jorron, Ace, Ren) who are already registered. I also know that, as what others call it, this is the price of cramming and the bloody line/process should not be blamed solely on the COMELEC.

Enough of disclaimers. I was there at the registration for 8 freaking hours (you may change the underlined letters), hours when I should have been sleeping, playing restaurant city, starting reading Vampire Academy ebooks (given by Kath, of course), or watching TV with my brother. I was there as early as 6:30am until 2:30pm. People ahead of me came at 4:30am.

There were lines outside the COMELEC building and another line when you get inside the building. I stood up for 6 hours, sitting from time to time along sidewalks. I was wearing rubber shoes and my heels still ached a lot because of standing too long. I managed to control my sweat glands (haha!) so I did not sweat at all while I was outside the building. But when I went inside the building, the adjective hot was an understatement. Fortunately, nobody fainted.  The space of the building was maximized, people were everywhere around you. At some point, it’s hard to breathe. One false alarm would cause panic and stampede. While waiting for my turn, I was planning what to do once panic occurs.

It took me 8 freaking hours (again, you may change the underlined letters)to finish the ff simple procedures:

  1. (Assuming that you are qualified and you have complete requirements with you) Get three registration forms from the COMELEC people and accomplish those. If you have downloaded forms, have them validated.
  2. Submit the accomplished forms and requirements, like a photocopy of your ID with your current address, to the COMELEC official and wait for your name to be called again.
  3. After receiving back your registration forms and requirements (rechecked by the officials),have  your biometrics taken…then you’re finished!!

I waited for 5 ½ hours to get to STEP 1, 30mins to finish STEP 2, and almost 2 ½ hours to reach STEP 3. Not to mention, taking my holy biometrics only lasted for not more than 3 minutes.

So WHY did it take me loooooong hours to finish these simple procedure?

  1. Technology alone is not the answer especially when you are lacking in man power. Yes, taking biometrics is time efficient but what the use of that if you only have two apparatuses to serve thousands of people? Moreover, what can 10 officials do to speed up procedures for thousands of registrants?
  2. There was prioritization!! In other words, people cut in and COMELEC officials allowed that! These people are not ordinary persons but maybe actors/actresses, relatives of government officials, or ordinary but RICH individuals who had easily squeezed their butts in and finished STEPS 1-3 in just 15mins just like that without falling in line! They were escorted by COMELEC officials so people in line could seldom, or not all, complain.
  3. Abusive people. There were, and there will always be insistent individuals would occasionally cut in the line before people who look either too kind or gullible.

HOW did I survive?

  1. I had no choice but to trust all the people ahead of me that they would not let people cut in because everyone knew the sacrifices of each person in line. Even men did not allow attractive women to cut in. haha!
  2. There were interesting and bubbly people around whom you could communicate with. I met this cute little girl, called by her grandma as Teresa. She was so energetic even if she was perspiring hehe! I remember giving her one of my biscuits because she was hungry and so bored. I hope to see her again.
  3. I brought water, 2 sachets of biscuits, 2 cupcakes, and lunch (longganisa with rice) with me! Of course, tissues, alcohol, fan, and a book (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) to read when there’s no one to talk to.
  4. Patience and a touch of aggressiveness (in a good way, okay). I had to wait and maintain my patience while actually using the aggressive side of me when needed.
  5. Humor. There were moments of laughter there. People giggle and laugh together out of jokes.

What I wished:

  1. I wished I registered earlier than October. I could have avoided that line.
  2. I wished there were more than just 2 apparatuses for biometrics. That would definitely speed up the line. No budget for that? Bakit yung NBI, government office din naman pero madaming aparato kaya mabilis ang proseso? No budget for COMELEC or they just don’t want to fund its operations?
  3. I wished people who sneezed and coughed without covering their mouths were sent out. Ansama ba? They should have covered their mouths because in a place like that, it’s very easy to transmit and acquire viruses.
  4. I wished people who sweat a lot were separated from those who don’t hehe! Joke lang pero wish pa rin! (I belong to the latter ha! Hehe)
  5. I wished registrants did not bring their kids with them. I pity kids who had no choice but to endure that line with the elders who brought them. If no one would be left at home with their kids, they must’ve not gone to COMELEC and chose to stay at home with the children instead.
  6. I wished that COMELEC put up an express lane for the people they gave special treatment. It was very unfair to see registrants, who did not fall in line, walking directly to the biometrics room accompanied by COMELEC officials.

I am lucky that I did not have to go back there the next day unlike others. I am lucky that my registration took only hours, not days.

After going through and finishing the procedures, I walked out of the COMELEC building feeling more than happy and contented. It was like I was floating. Haha! That’s for real! Now, for the first time, I can exercise my right to vote on May! Let’s all be responsible voters.

Alright, this is one of long posts, I guess, or the only one?

Kids and the New Social Media

October 6, 2009 13 comments

technologyHave you met a six-year-old child who knows how to turn off, on, and restart computer and laptop? How about a preschooler who knows how to look for a file/folder that contains music and plays it using NOT JUST Windows Media Player BUT ALSO VLC? A child who logs on to a website and knows that he has to type in the Search box to find what he is looking for? A kid who can operate Skype and can change status and mood of your account? A child who recognizes the need to disable and enable internet connection and knows how to do it? If not, then you have to meet my brother.  🙂

And! Are you using Windows Movie Maker or Ulead to edit videos and music? Here’s what my brother uses instead of those (CLICK).

I am sure that not only my brother is like this. Many children nowadays, ages 10 and below, are already computer-literate and techy. From the children’s interest in toys, cartoons, animes, to their exposure in the Internet, websites, and of course, new social media.  272822.full

Yes, new social media, indeed. New social media is not just for teens, yuppies, and (catching up) grownups, but is now also for children.

What might have introduced children to new social media?

  1. Cartoons and animes promoting their websites during their airtime.
  2. Older siblings and parents of children using new social media like podcasts, wikis, blogs, video blogs, (especially) social networking sites, and others.
  3. Innate urge of children to interact and not just watch and listen to the sacred box. Children may be very visual but they are after interaction too.

If you will notice, websites for children like Cartoon Network Philippines, Disney, Petpet Park, and Nickelodeon have their own strategies for children continue going to their site. These sites have games, videos about latest products and shows, music, contests, online news, downloadable wallpapers, video and game comments, communities that serve as social networks, polls, posts by visitors, quizzes, and even forums.

In these, we can see that even children are starting to adapt the roles of new social media in their simple way of living. How much more in the years to come after they leave childhood?

**Note: If you are my sister’s contact in Facebook, 80% of her morning posts there are done by my little brother. If you message her and she replies “no macy,” it means that my brother is using her Facebook account to play applications and he is telling you that “macy,” my sister, is not around. 🙂

You have to read this even if you’re not my dadddy :-)

September 6, 2009 25 comments

In one of my conversations with daddy via Skype, we talked about blogs, especially why do I have to ask him everytime we talk to view and read my posts often (haha!). I pointed out that this is a way of helping her daughter in her academic needs. Aside from that, our conversation reached SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and what it can do to one’s personal site.

It really helps when your parents are computer and net-literate because explaining new social media becomes easier. So, here it is, extension of my OrCom 152 class discussion. (Here it is, daddy!)

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of making a site and its content highly relevant for search engines and searchers. It is through SEO that your site can easily be seen in search engines like Google and Yahoo Search and more people will visit your website.


Why is SEO important?

  • SEO allows your site to be at the top list when titles, tags, and other words related to your site and posts are typed in search engines.
  • It increases the credibility of your site.
  • It enhances your online presence and reputation by giving a credible site as a result when your name is typed for example.

Do I need to get special services for SEO?

You don’t have to get a professional to do SEO for your site. You can do it by yourself.

Here are the tips for optimizing your site:

1. Make your site and its content reader-friendly.

  • Make sure your site is easy to navigate (and not an eye sore 🙂 )
  • Put headings and subheadings
  • If possible, don’t make your posts too long (most people have short attention span)
  • Be concise
  • Present lists in bullet form
  • Use bold, italic, and underline to highlight ideas
  • Add relevant pictures
  • Use appropriate tone (formal?informal?conversation-like?)
  • Contribute knowledge and information to your readers

2. Mind others’ businesses

  • For blogs, create a blogroll
  • Link up other sites related to yours
  • Reply to comments you receive and comment to others’ posts (this will help the number of your visitors increase)

3. Promote your site

  • Make RSS feed or feed subscription available to your site
  • Have good choice of tags
  • Submit your site to these feedreaders:

My Yahoo!        Bloglines       NewsGator          My MSN         Pluck

  • For blogs, submit your blog to blog listings like:

  • Put a link to your website in your social networking accounts
  • Make your site’s URL your status in Yahoo! Messenger and Skype (haha!)
  • Write your site in your business cards or include it at the end of your email (I don’t know how you call that)
  • Use word-of-mouth technique (hehe!)

OOPS! I think this is too long already 😦 but I hope you, especially my dadi, learned something from this post. I intend to share something else here.  Maybe I’ll just create a separate blog for that haha!

Overnights, Stress, and Friendship

August 28, 2009 14 comments

Two weeks had never been that stressful. However, one of the ironic things is that most stressors were not directly academic-related but extra-curricular activities which others, including me, called unnecessary-but- wanted stress.


It was my first time to be allowed (or my first time to impose) to spend two nights at my 2 friends’ houses, in the same week and another overnight the week after. In addition, staying extra hoursss in school and in coffee shops, and going to school even if I had no class must also be counted.

Aside from unsolicited eye bags and zits, another indicator of busyness and stress is an exhausted wallet. We had to buy overpriced coffees and bars from shops that provided haven during group meetings. Moreover, it’s during these consecutive hectic events that you would love your laptop and Wi-Fi even more. Your and your friends’ laptops and Wi-Fi become your best friends. USB’s  and CD’s become secondary because you can send small files to others through email and big files through Search engines, such as Google, are very helpful for immediate information and needed pictures. Furthermore, access to social networking sites such as Plurk, Facebook, and Twitter become avenues for venting your stress and for getting updates from your friends. For instance Restaurant City, an application in Facebook, has become my favorite pastime, online detoxifier, and motivation to stay awake and work. 🙂

Of all the factors that turned out to be visible and felt in this stressful two weeks, friendship has been the most fulfilling and uplifting among them all. Now, I know this is being too cheesy but your friends (your FTF social network) are the only ones who will remain after all your experiences, happy and sad ones. And to those who endured my being RC-addict and my low tolerance for sleepiness, this is for you–> 🙂 (another smiley).

Not Your Ordinary Course

August 18, 2009 11 comments

How do you feel when you see ten people wearing the same shirt as yours as you walk down a street? Did you ever experience having the same gown with your batchmate during your JS Promenade? Would you consider changing the scent you usually wear if you find out that most people in the restroom wear it? Finally, can you really picture yourself graduating with millions of students who took the same course? With all of these questions, one issue remains: Would you really stand out?stand_out

In academic context, specifically in choosing your course, it’s been very hard to consider how to stand out. You can already anticipate that after years of studying, you’ll be graduating with thousands of students, from different universities nationwide, with the same degree as yours. Except for one, Organizational Communication or OrCom.

This course may be a unfamiliar to most people because only two universities offer this course, one of which, and its pioneer, is University of the Philippines Manila. It was established in 1984 and will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary, OrCom Silver, on September 26, 2009.

So why am I saying that Organizational Communication will help you stand out from the rest? Apparently, only two universities offer this course and consequently, there is a limited number of students who graduate from this course yearly.

Aside from these obvious facts, there are important reasons why it is beneficial to take Organizational Communication course.

Organizational Communication offers you the following:

  1. Training to become a business person involved in communication (termed by Sir Barry)
  2. Learning and practice of interpersonal communication skills
  3. Knowledge and application of communication theories
  4. Preparation for competitiveness and flexibility that are needed in the workplace
  5. Information and understanding of the new trends that are present and emerging in the business industry today

Organizational Communication may lead you to different fields such as:

  1. Advertising
  2. Public Relations
  3. Corporate Communication
  4. Marketing/ Integrated Marketing
  5. Human Resources
  6. Research
  7. Law (OrCom is an appropriate pre-law course)
  8. Events Organizing
  9. Many more!!

Organizational Communication is a course that does not limit your skills and capabilities. You are free to pursue and be master of the field of your choice. Remember, your course must not define you. Instead, let your abilities define your course.

Now, I hope this post will make it to the top so that UPCAT applicants will get to read and be enlightened about Organizational Communication course. One way to make it to the top list is through SEO, Search Engine Optimization, as discussed by Ms. Ingrid Cudiain our OrCom 152 class. So what are you waiting for, link me now!

Dominique Anne Mailom

She is an Organizational Communication student in University of the Philippines Manila in her senior year. A person who definitely enjoys and learns a lot from daily experiences.

Another Trend in the Workplace

August 13, 2009 3 comments

Planning Ahead

In our Organizational Communication 152 Class two Saturdays ago (so recent, right?), it was discussed in our class how to conduct and answer job interviews effectively. Podcasts, videoblogs, a written sample interview, and an impromptu interview scenario of my two classmates were presented to help us in the discussion. I learned that stating your previously held positions is not enough nowadays. You have to assert the things you’ve done in relation to your positions—the challenges you faced, how you overcame those, and how effective were your decisions and actions. During that discussion, I was already thinking of the things that I did as a member, officer, and representative in my organizations that I can somehow flaunt to my future job interviewer.

…but doing the right thing

Getting your desired job requires you to give satisfactory answers and interaction with your interviewer, and of course, a substantive, brief, yet impressive resume. I remember the time when I was revamping my resume that I would use in OJT application. I browsed the resume of a particular person to get an idea on what else to include in the objectives part. When I read the person’s resume objectives, I found out that she indeed have a very well said objectives. Out of curiosity, I tried to search and copy-paste her exact words in Google. Guess what? Her objectives appeared in the first five results! Most part of her objectives was copied directly from that website. Yes, her objectives were catchy but those really did not come originally from her. What if many of her co-applicants have been also smart enough to find and use that exact objective? What if her interviewer happened to search it in Google? Lesson learned, even if you wanted your resume to appear as interesting as possible, you must remember to state original ideas and real things about yourself as much as possible too. Moreover, the wide use of internet today makes it easy for employers not just to track whether you plagiarized your resume sentences or not but it also serves as a click-away means for them to verify your activities like positions handled, experiences, and other information.

New insights

I wish to go back to the day (during my internship) I gave my suggestions to my boss for the advertising and launching of their new products. Those are products especially for girls but one of those can also be for men. I, together with my co-intern, could have suggested that aside from competitor analysis and observation of shopping behaviors in malls, we could also conduct online forums or participate in online forums to know their preferences, insights, and other sentiments that could be beneficial for the launching of the products. Internet has now more to offer to industries as well as customers. Learning to maximize its uses is now a new trend for businesses to know.