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Online Services for the Dead

October 14, 2009 19 comments

ripEven the dead can benefit from online services. This may sound a little spooky or an early Halloween post. Or is it really early? October na kaya!

About 3 months ago (Don’t get me wrong, I did not intend to save this as a Halloween post haha! It’s just that I only remembered this now), I saw a big billboard somewhere in QC promoting the funeral house’s new service—the E-LIBING. If we already have email, e-delivery, e-cards, e-games, and other online services like ordering plane tickets online, buying and paying for stuff online, even donating online, why not have an online service for our deceased loved ones.

This E-LIBING, offered by St. Peter Chapels allows the family, relatives, and friends who cannot attend the funeral to view the final rites and interment of their loved ones. The E-LIBING complements the other service which is the E-BUROL. E-BUROL enables the family, relatives, and friends to view the wake of their dear ones. These two services let people from anywhere in the country and outside the Philippines to view and be with their loved ones even for the last time, even just on line.

Now, are online services getting better? 🙂